11 October 2011

The personal style of Kitty Fay

I met Kitty on Long St where I first took her photo a few months ago. She has such striking personal style that you cannot help noticing her in a crowd.

I asked Kitty a few questions:

What would you say inspired your style?

I became obsessed with the 1920's after after seeing a Louise Brooks movie more than a year ago. Louise Brooks was a silent film actress in the 1920's who had a really magnetic personality.

Tell me a bit about yourself.

My background is classical ballet and jazz dancing. I gave that up years ago and at the moment I am exploring, trying to find my own creative niche. I have some performance art projects in the pipeline, very much in the beginning stages of development. I also take photo's and write poems.

What kind or music do you listen to?

Bob Dylan
Leonard Cohen
The Dresden Dolls
Janis Ian


Sing said...

I really like her style. A nice throwback feel. Great hats too.

SimplyErnst said...

Beautiful - Love it.

Anthea said...

Hi Michelle,

These pics are beautiful!

cinder&skylark said...

Thanks Anthea! I always value your input. :)

Lesley said...

proud to say

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