02 October 2011

Friday 30 September, Cape Town

Tebuo Makoetlane
Music love: Lengoma - DJ Sbu
Loves architecture and fashion

Natasha Kay
Music love: Where is here - Deadmau5
Loves clubbing

Lova Brodin
Music love: Kalkbrenner
Loves travelling

Sanannah Negra
Music love: Sun & Moon - Armin van Buuren remix
Loves Hwan

Ayanda Shembe
Music love: Cheers - Rihanna
Loves parties

Gareth Botha
Doesn't really listen to music
Loves pizza

Loves music

Pia Kristenson
Music love: Mellow mood - Bob Marley
Loves life and travelling

Thozama Nkomombini
Music love - Thandi Swamazwai - Black Coffe feat Stimele
Loves cooking

Aqeelah Harron
Music love: Love on top - Beyonce
Loves being single

Lihle Ndindwa
Music love: Nothing - The script
Loves music

Catherine Muller
Music love: First Aid Hit - Ghost Town
Loves art, playing guitar and photography

Alliz Nicholas
Music love: Lark
Loves freedom, sun and fruit

Emma Gilpin
Music love: Heart of glass - Nouvelle Vague
Loves chocolate

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