03 July 2011

Friday 1 July, Cape Town

I tend to be a real minimalist, but I have had so many requests to make my blog a bit more interactive. I have decided to add some info about my lovely subjects and also enable comments. Please feel free to comment and mail me with your suggestions, they are always very welcome. :-) Let me know what you think of the new format.

It's a few hours later and I am back. I am having a bit of a challenge at the moment enabling comments on this blog. If you would like to comment at the moment please click on the header to open the blog page and then leave your comment. Hopefully I can have this sorted soon.

Favourite song right now: Pap Smear by Crystal Castles
Loves: Her job at the AVA gallery

Favourite song rigth now: Priority by Mosdef
Loves: Sneakers

Favourite song right now: Last Friday Night by Katy Perry
Loves: her friends and family

Favourite song: Jay Z- Success
Loves: Food

Favourite song: Love you better by Crazy White Boy
Loves: Fashion

Loves: trans music
Her earrings used to be belong to her grandmother

Favourite song: Dinosaur by Jax Panic
Loves: sushi, music

Favourite Music: Erykah Badu
Loves: music and art

Favourite song: Hello by Beyonce
Loves: going to the gym

Favourite music: Chris Brown
Loves: sushi

Favourite Band: Holiday Marray
Loves: photography

Favourite song: This must be the place by Talking Heads
Loves: art

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Anthea said...

Yay! Comments are on! Love the new addition of the fave songs and loves.

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