30 December 2011

2011 Favourits

I have just done a post on It's What I'm Into on some of my favourite pics of 2011. Check it out here.

27 December 2011

Season appropriate Banksy

I just could not resist posting this very appropriate Banksy piece.

Banksy has been having his say this Christmas across London. In

Mayfair you can see a new work depicting a woman and her shopping

trolley plummeting from a great height, and in the City he has painted

on an empty building the message: 'Sorry! The lifestyle you ordered is

currently out of stock.'

Via Saatchi Gallery

18 December 2011

Summer Holiday

Dear followers

I will be taking a summer break until the 1st week of January. I shall be back early next year with some lovely new photos. 

Have an abundant holiday season!


14 December 2011

The personal style of Fatima Arendse

I have bumped into Fatima all over Cape Town and she always looks fabulous! I photographed her using the streets around her house in Zonnebloem as the backdrop and asked her a few questions.

What influences your style?

I am influenced by old vintage films and as well as music. Specially if the beats are from many moons ago.

What is your favorite colour to wear at the moment?

I don't have a specific colour. It really depends on my mood. Either popping brights on my really crazy days or pastels for fresh chilled out days.

What music will we find on your playlist?

She's long gone - The Black Keys
Fresh - Cool and the gang
Dark lady - Cher
Gypsies, tramps and thieves - Cher
The Warm up - Trickski
Never let me down again - Depeche Mode
The art of hot - Bruno

What do you like doing in you free time?

Attend art exhibitions.

If you had to pick which current items of clothing do you think you would still be wearing in three years time what would they be?

Wide leg 70's inspired pants and padded shoulder blouses.

11 December 2011

Friday 9 December, Cape Town

Sakhele Vanda
Music love: Flying Overseas - Theophilis London
Favorite place in Cape Town - Tagore's in Obs

Nicci St Bruce
Music love: On to the next one - Jay Z
Favorite place in Cape Town - Mexican Kitchen

Phathiswa Mtiya
Music love: In a different time - Gentleman and the far east band
Favorite place in Cape Town: Royale/Waiting Room

Neil Barry Moss
Music love: I've seen that face before - Grace Jones
Favorite place in Cape Town: Cafe Milano

Cara Beckley
Music love: We found love - Rihanna
Favorite place in Cape Town: Long Street

Maryam Sadan
Music love: Charlie Brown - Coldplay
Favorite place in Cape Town: Green Market Square

Nina Kleinhans
Music love: How soon is now? - The Smiths
Favorite place: Anywhere as long as there is sun

Tumi Nkomo
Music love: Born this way - Lady Gaga
Has too many favorite places to pick one.

Ndivhuho Matambele
Music love: Lauren Hill unplugged
Favorite place in Cape Town: Sidewalk Cafe

Bulelani Fesi
Music love: Led Zeppelin
Favorite place in Cape Town: Beleza

Catherine Marcus
Music love: Sister - The Black Keys
Favorite place in Cape Town: Tagore's

04 December 2011

Friday 2 December, Cape Town

Cair Handley
Music love: Breaking down - Florence and the Machine
Favorite place in Cape Town: Afraid of Mice

Erin Chaplin
Music love: Wicked Game - Chris Isaak
Favorite place in Cape Town: Hudsons

Tiana Henderson
Music love: Crystalised - The xx
Favorite place in Cape Town: The beach

Bettina Lewin
Music love: What's wrong with groovin' - Letta Mbulu
Favorite place in Cape Town: "There are so many I can't name just one."

Ingrid W
Music love: All songs by John Me
Favorite place in Cape Town: The beach

Roxanne Louw
Music love: Me and You - Nero
Favorite place in Cape Town: Llandudno

Carrington Broeman
Music love: Days - The Kinks
Favorite place in Cape Town: Milnerton market

Moira Mdakana
Music love: Party - Beyonce
Favorite place in Cape Town: Florentine in Obs