14 December 2011

The personal style of Fatima Arendse

I have bumped into Fatima all over Cape Town and she always looks fabulous! I photographed her using the streets around her house in Zonnebloem as the backdrop and asked her a few questions.

What influences your style?

I am influenced by old vintage films and as well as music. Specially if the beats are from many moons ago.

What is your favorite colour to wear at the moment?

I don't have a specific colour. It really depends on my mood. Either popping brights on my really crazy days or pastels for fresh chilled out days.

What music will we find on your playlist?

She's long gone - The Black Keys
Fresh - Cool and the gang
Dark lady - Cher
Gypsies, tramps and thieves - Cher
The Warm up - Trickski
Never let me down again - Depeche Mode
The art of hot - Bruno

What do you like doing in you free time?

Attend art exhibitions.

If you had to pick which current items of clothing do you think you would still be wearing in three years time what would they be?

Wide leg 70's inspired pants and padded shoulder blouses.


Sing said...

I really like her bold pattern selections.


Anthea said...

Awesome style! Love the bow tie outfit.

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